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Senin, 17 Desember 2012

BitDefender Total Security 2013 Full License Key Until 2075

Setelah share antivirus plus dari bitdefender. Kali ini saya akan share Bitdefender Total Security 2013, dalam versi ini bitdefender tentunya lebih banyak menawarkan fitur yang akan membantu sobat menghilangkan virus dan mencegahnya masuk ke komputer, BitDefender Total Security 2013 dapat melindungi komputer kita dari malware yang mencoba untuk mengakses PC melalui email, BitDefender Total Security 2013 juga akan melakukan scan pada link web, drive USB, situs media sosial, percakapan chatting, jaringan Anda, Trojans dan banyak lagi. Ini termasuk aplikasi tertentu untuk pemindaian posting link teman di Facebook dan Twitter dan akan mencegah orang lain berbagi link buruk untuk kita. Serta masih banyak lagi fitur-fitur nya.

Bitdefender Safepay:
· Keeps hackers at bay by automatically opening all your online banking pages in a separate, secure browser.

MyBitdefender dashboard:
· See all the status and licensing information about your software and services in your own, MyBitdefender dashboard. Now accessible from anywhere, anytime, from any Internet-connected device.

Security Widget:
· Enables you to keep track of all of your security related tasks, plus lets you quickly and easily drag-and-drop files for quick scanning for viruses—right from your desktop!

Parental Control:
· Blocks inappropriate content, restricts Web access between certain hours, and helps you remotely monitor your children's online activity – even on Facebook!

USB Immunizer:
· Immunizes any Flash Drive from viruses, when they are connected to your computer, so that you never worry again about USBs infecting you or your friends.

Active Virus Control:
· A proactive, dynamic detection technology which monitors processes’ behavior in real-time, as they are running, and tags suspicious activities.

Rescue Mode:
· If e-threats, such as rootkits, cannot be removed from within the Windows operating system, the computer is re-booted in Rescue mode—a trusted environment which is then used for cleanup and restoration.

Vulnerability Scanner:
· Checks for missing or outdated security software, missing Windows security patches, as well as potentially unsafe system settings.

· Stops unwanted e-mail from reaching your Inbox.

Two-way Firewall:
· Continuously monitors your Internet connections and prevents unauthorized access, even over a Wi-Fi network.

Device Anti-Theft:
· Locks, wipes or even locates your laptop from any Internet-connected device you have at hand.

Personal Data Filter:
· Prevents critical data (such as anything even resembling your social security number) from ever leaving your computer.

· Analyzes and blocks websites that support various scams or credit card phishing attempts.

File Shredder:
· Ensures that no traces of your deleted sensitive files remain on your PC

File Encryption:
· Locks up confidential files in an encrypted vault.

Online Storage and Sharing – Bitdefender Safebox:
· Stores and protects your important or sensitive files in a secure online location, so you can manage and access safely, from all your devices – iPhones, iPads, Android phones or PCs. The first 2 GB come free!

Scan Dispatcher:
· The Scan Dispatcher finds and uses time-slices when system resource usage falls below a certain threshold to perform recurring scans of your entire system. This way Bitdefender does not interfere with user-initiated actions and does impact system responsiveness.

· Your security software isn’t slowing down your computer. So what is? Bitdefender Total Security comes complete with a Tune-Up module, which cleans up your file system and registry for enhanced performance.

Social Network Protection:
· Bitdefender filters/blocks social-networking specific e-threats by scanning the links you receive from your Facebook and Twitter friends, monitors your privacy settings, and much more!

Search Advisor:
· The Link Filter relies on intelligence provided by Bitdefender Cloud services to flag malware and phishing attempts in search engine results.

Bitdefender Autopilot:
· Bitdefender Autopilot provides a hassle-free experience by making optimal security-related decisions without input from you. This means no pop-ups, no alerts, nothing to configure.

New features:
· On access settings don't return to previous settings after a rootkit scan;
· On access - no action is selected during an on demand scan task;
· Settings are not saved / are not available under On Access scanning Settings - > Modify;
· Antivirus scanner has encountered a problem - caused by AVC;
· The following boot-start or system-start driver failed to load: trufos;
· Spam rate is not refreshed after spam is detected;
· Change "Submit suspicious quarantined files for further analysis" text to mention that only suspicious files are sent;
· At every system restart I receive a "desktop.ini" open file;
· Radio streams are blocked in some players;
· Search Adviser should work for Ask and AOL;
· Stockhouse's stockstream is blocked;
· TDAmeritrade Streamer is blocked;
· "Anytime & Anywhere" or other IP camera is blocked;
· Some internal bug fixes;

System Requirements:
· Available free hard disk space: 2.8GB;
· CPU:Intel CORE Duo (1.66 GHz) or equivalent;
· RAM:1 GB (Win XP),1.5 GB (Vista, Win 7 and Win 8)
· 600 MB available hard disk space
· Internet Explorer 7

BitDefender Total Security 2013 32 Bit :
BitDefender Total Security 2013 64 Bit :
Activator :

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